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The most current and up-to-date files are located here, and include NCS-related materials, ENLS-related materials, and the slide deck files. Please click on each item to download.

It is strongly recommended that the Course Director and/or each faculty member save these materials on a portable drive AND take the time to add names, credentials, titles, and conflicts of interest (if applicable) to the slide deck files well in advance.

Keep in mind that all ENLS Trainers are "ambassadors" of NCS. 

ENLS Course V5.0 Slide Deck Files - English

Download Entire V5.0 Slide Deck - English (one PPT File)

Acute Ischemic Stroke lecture slides
Acute Non-Traumatic Weakness lecture slides
Airway, Ventilation and Sedation lecture slides
Approach to the Comatose Patient lecture slides
Intracerebral Hemorrhage lecture slides
Intracranial Hypertension and Herniation lecture slides
Meningitis and Encephalitis lecture slides
Pharmacotherapy lecture slides
Resuscitation Following Cardiac Arrest lecture slides
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage lecture slides
Spinal Cord Compression lecture slides
Status Epilepticus lecture slides
Traumatic Brain Injury lecture slides
Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury lecture slides

ENLS Course Diapositivas de Conferencia - Spanish

Download All V2.0 Slide Deck Files - Spanish (Zip File)

Debilidad aguda no traumática - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Vías aéreas, ventilación y sedación - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Aproximación al paciente en coma - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Hipertensión intracraneal y herniación - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Farmacoterapia - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Ictus o ataque cerebral isquémico agudo - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Hemorragia intracerebral - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Meningitis y encefalitis - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Reanimación luego del protocolo de paro cardíaco - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Hemorragia subaracnoidea - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Compresión de la médula espinal - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Estado epiléptico - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Trauma encefalocraneano (TEC) - Diapositivas de Conferencia
Trauma raquimedular (TRM) - Diapositivas de Conferencia

ENLS Course  講義資料 - Japanese

Download All V5.0 Slide Deck Files - Japanese (Zip File)

講義資料: 非外傷性筋力低下 (ANTW)
講義資料: 急性虚血性脳卒中 (AIS)
講義資料: 気道,換気,鎮静 (AVS)
講義資料: 昏睡患者へのアプローチ (Coma)
講義資料: 脳出血 (ICH)
講義資料: 頭蓋内圧亢進と脳ヘルニア (ICP)
講義資料: 髄膜炎・脳炎 (ME)
講義資料: 薬物療法 (Pharm)
講義資料: 心停止 (RCA)
講義資料: くも膜下出血 (SAH)
講義資料: 脊髄圧迫 (SCC)
講義資料:てんかん重積状態 (SE)
講義資料:頭部外傷 (TBI)
講義資料: 脊髄外傷 (TSI)

ENLS Course - Introductory Materials

ENLS Brochure
ENLS - A Brief Introduction
ENLS - How to Enroll in and Access the ENLS Course (PPT presentation)
ENLS - Promotional Video
ENLS – Overview of the Neurocritical Care Society (PPT presentation)

Note: these files are only available to ENLS-certified trainers and are not for redistribution.